Can you play luigis mansion in real life?

So you play a video game. I love Luigi’s Mansion 3. Can you play it— in real life. Sure, abit scary, and very mysterious, but thrilling and yeah, exciting!

Take this fun quiz with only 12 questions! Very simple, easy to answer. Of coarse, if there are any bugs, please report them! Quick question : 1234567890-098765421=?

Created by: Hunter farms

  1. How old are you?
  2. Of what gender are you?
  3. ‘Kay. Let’s move on
  4. You get to choose a weapon of the below, what do you chose?
  5. Who do you rescue?
  6. Despite all your friends that have been caught, Princess Daisy promised to send you messages. How she sends them is up to you. How should she send them?
  7. You capture some people. Who do you capture?
  8. In your opinion, who do you want to be free? (princesses)
  9. Why does Helen gravely look so beautiful?
  10. What does the Manor look like?
  11. Luigi’s Mansion?
  12. ‘Kay ready to click

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Quiz topic: Can I play luigis mansion in real life?