Can you guess Warrior cats kin?

idk what to put so ill just put random stuff ~ im bored, Windrunner, Tall shadow, Yellowfang, Raggedstar, Raggedwind, HELP THIS IS BOREING, ACK, LIGHTNING HELP MEE

idk idc what i put here soo ~ Lightning Jake Lilly Misty Bone Windrunner Raggedwind Rainfall Ghost Anxiety Wolf Gaystripe Cloudtail Alpha Beta now i have no idea what to put here~

Created by: Wind_Runner

  1. Who is Mapleshades mate?
  2. Who is Goosefeathers mother and sister?
  3. Who's Firestar's kitty-pet kin? [ that i remember ]
  4. Who's Mistystars mate? [ former i think, but im not sure] Also, guess two of her kits.
  5. Who's Tallstars half nephew ?
  6. Who's Hollyleafs mate?
  7. Blackstars mate?
  8. Clear skys[ or Skystar] many mates?
  9. Bristlefrosts mate?
  10. Blackstars mother?
  11. Whitewings parents
  12. Whitestorms parents ?
  13. Pinestars mother
  14. Tigerstars/claw parents and sisters
  15. Onestars mate
  16. Crookedstar and Oakhearts mother and father [ for those of you who dont know, their brothers]
  17. Tall shadows [ or Shadowstar ] nephew
  18. Thunders [ or Thunderstar] mates [ ima count Star ] and one of his kits
  19. Leafstars mate
  20. Tallstars mate

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Quiz topic: Can I guess Warrior cats kin?