Can You get 'O' on your Magizology O.W.L.?

If you can take my O.W.L. quiz and get O on it I will be most pleased, and if you do, you might be in Ravenclaw, so why not find out on 'Which Hogwarts House Would You Be In?' by Nathan.

And keep a look out for my WWI quiz, because you can't miss it, well good luck, and remember, from lowest to highest you get T,D,P,A,E, and O. Happy O.W.L.s!

Created by: Nathan

  1. In what region is the Kappa more commonly found?
  2. The Hungarian Horntail is a subspecies of which dragon?
  3. How can the dragon breathe fire?
  4. What does S.A.S.D. stand for?
  5. What draws the bread of winged horse more commonly known as the Thestral?
  6. What animal does the Jarvey resemble?
  7. What 'Society' was formed in 1994 to 'help' house elves?
  8. Wich of these are NOT Class A non-exchangeable magical goods?
  9. Dragon hide repels all spells that attempt to harm it except_________?
  10. Which of these is Not an Orientalis variety of Asian dragon?

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Quiz topic: Can I get 'O' on my Magizology O.W.L.?