Can you be my soulmate?

You could be my soulmate. I just made this quiz for fun so dont take it seriously unless you really wanna leave your email then go ahead. i'll take a hot guy's email any day. :D

Are you gunna take my quiz? You should because you really could end up being my soul mate. So take the quiz to find out. BTW you should take my quiz.

Created by: Iamyourpoison

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Music type?
  2. Fav color?
  3. Best feature on a girl?
  4. Ninja or pirate?
  5. Whats your poison?
  6. Smoker or non smoker?
  7. Body type?
  8. Age? (i know it asked this before but i would like to get a little more specific)
  9. COD?
  10. Do you like to watch Spongebob?

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Quiz topic: Can I be my soulmate?