Boys/girls, are you sexy, hot, cute, normal or worse?

With the billions of people on earth come billions of appearance. Everybody falls into a certain appearance catagory, namely they are: sexy, hot, cute, average and below average. Which catagory do you fall under?

Take this short quiz and find out whether you are sexy, hot, cute, average or below average. In this quiz, there is no ugly, because i personaly think that there is no such thing as ugly, just below average. So, take this quiz and find out which catagory you fall under!

Created by: Newbie
  1. (the first 2 questions don't count). State your gender
  2. Now, your age is
  3. Your hair colour is
  4. Your eye colour?
  5. Now, describe your body
  6. Your skin
  7. Your teeth colour is
  8. Your height
  9. Which of these has anyone commented about you?
  10. Your hairstyle
  11. Girl question! Your boobs are

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Quiz topic: Boys/girls, am I sexy, hot, cute, normal or worse?