Bleach: Which character are you?

"There are many people with many different personalities. A personality is a state of mind and soul that makes each and every person unique in they're own way."

"WHO does your personality compare to on Bleach? Do you think that you can be a tough or smart person, or is your personality a little on the sneaky side? Find out with this comparison quiz!"

Created by: Nightwolf 09

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  1. Your at a party, how do you act?
  2. Your friend is in trouble! What do you do?
  3. Your friend comes in screaming, what do you do.
  4. How does a fight against someone sound right about now?
  5. What would you do if you were told to capture a friend who falsely broke the rules?
  6. What does the word "friend" mean to you.
  7. Are you energentic?
  8. Are you usually happy or full of life?
  9. How does a peacful day sound to you?
  10. How would you eterminate a Hollow?

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Quiz topic: Bleach: Which character am I?