Billie Eilish Fan Quiz

Billie Eilish is killing it. Everybody knows her name, she’s like the greatest name in music..and my favorite artist. But are you really a Billie-Genius?

Test your Billie knowledge here, and see if I can guess what you are doing with your Billie-ness-oof. Why do I do this to language? Whatever. Anyway, test out your Billife-AAAA

Created by: WerewolfSquddi

  1. What is Billie’s full name?
  2. What are Billie’s fans called?
  3. What is her logo called?
  4. What is Billie’s brother’s name?
  5. Finish the Billie Eilish lyric: “Like I wanna drown, like I wanna__”
  6. What color is Billie’s hair as of 2020 September?
  7. What is Billie’s trademark?
  8. How old is Billie, as of September 2020?
  9. What was Billie’s first song?
  10. What is Billie’s sexuality?

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