Best Friends: Do you know your best friend?

mSweEzy back again to dominate for another one of my quizzes! This quiz is about you and your best friend. Do you guys know all about each other? Only this quiz will tell you and your best friends destiny.

Do you your best friends and everything about her?Best friends can be important in life, they can stand up for you and they are not some random person off the street to you. They are important.

Created by: mSweEzy

  1. Do you know her first, last, middle and maybe maiden name of her mom?
  2. What is her house like?
  3. How many times do you guys hang out?
  4. What do you guys do together?
  5. How close together are you guys?
  6. Do you know where she lives?
  7. Do you guys tell each other everything?
  8. Do you know her phone number and email address?
  9. Do you know her personality? (her favorite color, book, etc.)
  10. LAST BEST FRIEND QUESTION: Do you know when her birth year, day, and month is?

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Quiz topic: Best Friends: do I know my best friend?