Basic Literary Terms - ESL

This is a quiz to practice the Basic Literary Terms we have worked on in class. Remember your review sheet, think about success, and do your best! Focus and try real hard.

Please match the sentence with the word it describes. there is only one correct answer per question! Good Luck! Take your time and remember to choose only one answer for each statement.

Created by: Donald Dennis

  1. A reference to another work in a story.
  2. Giving the characteristics of a person to an animal or object.
  3. The attitude an author creates in a story.
  4. An exaggeration
  5. The dictionary definition of a word.
  6. The most interesting point in a story.
  7. The repetition of a letter in a sentence.
  8. To create a mental picture with words
  9. The meaning of a word in a story or sentence.
  10. The lesson in a story.
  11. When something happens that is unexpected.
  12. A comparison between two things that does not use like or as.
  13. A comparison using "like" or "as."
  14. The central idea in a story.
  15. The author is part of the story.
  16. The ending sound of words is the same.
  17. The author is not in the story.
  18. Something that represents an idea in a story.
  19. The problem in a story
  20. A word is spelled like the sound it describes.
  21. The description of a person in a story.

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