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Hey there! So I put this quiz together about random facts to know from the top of your head. Even if you only get 1 right... that's still not bad. Not bad at all.

Alright, I hope you do well. Do your best and just.... do it. 12 questions. Pretty simple, some are hard some are really easy. And don't forget to rate me 😀.

Created by: Crazy_Horse_girl

  1. What is the literary term for comparing something using like or as?
  2. The 16th President.
  3. What's a whale?
  4. -5x+6y+2x=
  5. How many gallons of milk does and average Holstein cow make per day?
  6. How many states are in the U.S.?
  7. What is the shortest day of the year?
  8. True or False- A border Collie (half the size of a German Shepard) can jump higher that a German Shepard..
  9. Omnivore-
  10. How many feet in a meter?
  11. How fast is a (Quarter) horse?
  12. What branch is the President in?

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