Avatar Aang : who are you ? Water Earth Fire Air ? Aang,Katarra,

There is one main peaceful character in the avatar. Who you could ask ? It is no other then the one the only Avatar Aang. Aang the the most peaceful calm controlled character ever. He gives everyone a chance and is loving and kind to all ( especially Katarra , Awwww so cute).

Are you a peaceful person ? You are happy and enjoy life no matter how tough life gets you always find the best out of a bad situation. You are the peaceful centre of the bad luck and bring peace to everyone wheather friend or enemy. Your a calm peaceful person.

Created by: Sharni
  1. Who's clothes do you like ?
  2. Who do you think you are ?
  3. Do you hate the fire nation ?
  4. Do you think sukka is funny ?
  5. Who do you think you are ?
  6. whats your favourite colour out of the following ?
  7. Do you think the avatar can defeat the fire lord?
  8. Do you belive Aang can master all three elements before summer end ( he is already the master of air)?
  9. Are you ?
  10. who do you love ?
  11. Do you love Uppa ?
  12. Do you love it when Aang airbends

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Quiz topic: Avatar Aang : who am I ? Water Earth Fire Air ? Aang,Katarra,