Are your friends real

This is a quiz to see if you should stay with your bff or not find out in this quiz it will take you 5min tops this Comes from real people and has real advice for the best results

Only pick one and remember wich answer you picked answer 1 2 3 4 then in the end find out what you should do and your results if it it says to ask not to be there friend please do it politely cause everyone deserves some respect

Created by: Maddy

  1. How do your friends treat you
  2. Do you give presents to each other
  3. Do they trust you
  4. Do you know their family well
  5. How often do you hang out or talk
  6. Do they help you
  7. How long have you known them
  8. How often do they give nice comments to you
  9. Do they treat you different from other people
  10. Do you Share things
  11. How did you meet
  12. Do you often get into fights or arguments

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Quiz topic: Am Ir friends real