Are you worthy of a best friend?

Hey Hey HEY! what's up ? i made this quiz to see if any of ya'll a worthy of a bestie let's just say i hope you are cause if you aren't then try to change and be a better bestie cause like people say friends come and go try to be a better friend and if you are worthy great job i'm very proud of you!

Soooooo are you worthy of a bestie i just hope you all are a worthy bestie. Nothing personal here just for fun ok? leave me a comment don't forget to rate, and share this quiz please do enjoy~

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  1. Hello first off you and your bestie are walking down the road and a killer jumps out what do YOU do?
  2. The last ice cream cone who gets
  3. bestie's dog died:
  4. You see a cute homeless kitty you:
  5. You see a cute homeless kitty you:
  6. Do you share with bestie
  7. Are you the one who invites bestie over or does she?
  8. which one would you take?
  9. What would your worth rank be:
  10. Do you like your bestie
  11. gang name:
  12. Are you ever rude to her or force her to do things you want to do?
  13. Do you think your worthy of your best friend?
  14. comment plzz! $-$
  15. plz be nice to your besties.

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Quiz topic: Am I worthy of a best friend?