Are you worthy?

Ok so I hope you enjoyed this quiz it was hard to make and I hope you guys have a nice day because I have to go get something done. In the meantime, I hope you guys have a great day!

Also, Im might make another quiz of a role play and itll be exciting! Cant wait to make another quiz because this one was hard to make and it took me a long time to create! Have a nice day!

Created by: Sam

  1. Hi! Im Sam! Who are you? ( this dont es not affect your results )
  2. So whats your favorite color? (Please dont hate me for this!)
  3. What would you do if your friend(s) needed help with something?
  4. - a loud crashing sound comes from outside - 0_0
  5. - a few other people come inside - ... Who let Funtime Foxy drive...? Oh wait! Guys, this is Y/N, Y/N, these guys are Funtime Foxy Funtime Foxy: Wassup! Shadow Shadow: Hi. Fred: Hi. Spring Spring: Hey. and last but not least, Blue Blue: Hello. There are more people but we dont have time to worry about that. So if you could go anywhere, where would you go?
  6. Would you fight for your friends if you could?
  7. Funtime Foxy: Can I eat the human now? Sam/me: No, they could possibly join the group. Y/N, what do you do for fun?
  8. Funtime Foxy: Can I eat the human now? No, Y/N still needs to answer a few more questions. What is your favorite food?
  9. Hmm, I cant seem to think of any more questions... Shadow: Have you asked Y/N if they had a favorite animal? Sam/me: Good idea! So, do you?
  10. Alright, thats the end of the intervi- I mean quiz, hope you liked it, Ill give you the results once I get them sorted out. Hope ya like what ya get! And if any of my friends from Roblox play this and are in the group already, if you didnt get Youre in! It doesnt matter because you are already in the group! So dont worry about it! Anyways, thank you for doing this quiz and I might make another quiz, ya never know. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Am I worthy?