Are you worth living

Are you alive well you are using internet then u must be alive but is that all ### Are you just a part of this everyday increasing population or you are someone different who is unknown to self. I am no one to decide that you are worth consuming more oxygen or not but all i want you to discover is that are you getting materialistic in this extra social world.

Are you worth living?? Well that is not what this quiz decides actually this quiz tells you what you have made yourself because we all know that capability is something nobody can question on because we know what we are but we doont know what we can be

Created by: Arunima

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  1. Do you ever spend night or evening hours with a cup of coffee in your hand
  2. Your best friend gets committed to a girl\guy and dont tell u about this because he\she knows you hate that girl or boy and suddenly u come to know about this from third person .u will be like
  3. Do u know what you want from life and how you are going to get it
  4. Ever fallen in love?
  5. U beleive in doing part time job
  6. Can you ever take a stand for ur morals
  7. Will you leave your bf\gf just coz you got admission in better college while the other one was not able to
  8. Why are you taking this quiz
  9. Are you social and by social i mean not on facebook but in real life
  10. Smile smile and smile that is what is most important so tell me what makes you smile

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Quiz topic: Am I worth living