are you what you say

a lot of people are not what they say they are.take this test and see are you will find out about the true you in a few minutes.a person who is what they say is nothing but real

are you a lier?are you truthful to your you change for the world?we will see.l good luck.if you know you are fake you are fake.i hope the the true you when you take this test.

Created by: delvakio

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  1. do you act funny around certain friends
  2. are you mean to people who do nothing to you
  3. do you like to lie
  4. do you change when you leave your fiends
  5. do you say you are something and you are not
  6. do you change for the crowd
  7. are you fake when around people
  8. are you strong on your word when you say it
  9. do you fill bad when you say something that you are not
  10. do you lie on personal profiles
  11. do you care about lieing about yourself

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Quiz topic: Am I what you say