are you what the worlds been waiting for?

Quiz Image you want to know if you are what this world really needs inoder to survive? well you came to the right place! I tell you what you are in material form.

it helps me and hopely you get a picture of how your life is running so far and what you represent as a person. it also tells you a bit how to get an idea how to get your self seen out there. being in the sadows isn't good.

Created by: bla city

  1. are you a good person to others?
  2. are you dark like the night or as light as the sun?
  3. do you think you are strong minded?
  4. do you look at your self and then at some popular girl and gag by looking at yourself?
  5. you go to a party and everyone is there. what do you wear?
  6. this is the end....I don't feel like writng more.
  7. did you like the quiz?
  8. now it's just gibberish so you can send in your resaluts now.
  9. hytdrutr
  10. ydtsjtrujhnxf

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Quiz topic: Am I what the worlds been waiting for?