Are you what people consider "Normal"

Are you the normal person who does not do much out of the ordinary. Are you the person who follows the same schedule ever day come find out when you take my quiz.

Are you a person who will eat bugs of a rock for hygiene or will not do anything normal because you feel like it will anger the pizza. come take my quiz to find out how non normal you are

Created by: Collbrobro
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Has anyone ever told you "if someone told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?
  2. Have you ever had the urge to do random things or be annoying?
  3. If someone gave you free tickets to go skydiving would you use them?
  4. Have you ever played pranks on your neighbors of friends .
  5. If you are under eighteen have you ever had a girlfriend/boyfriend. if older hit 18+
  6. Have you ever had the urge to smack someone for no reason.
  7. What type of person are you at school or were you
  8. Are you a loner
  9. Now whats your favorite color
  10. Do you like pancakes?

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Quiz topic: Am I what people consider "Normal"