Are you ugly or fabulous

There are many people who are bullied each day. Getting called fat.Getting called too thin.Are you? Is it true? Take this quiz to find out if you're: Pretty,Ugly Or......FABULOUS!!

What score did you get..? These answers aren't 100% Accurate, although it is our opinion.We each believe that everyone out there is fabulous! (unless you get ugly, then you can't be fabulous.)

Created by: Kate Williams

  1. What colour eyes do you have?
  2. What colour hair do you have?
  3. How tan are you?
  4. One word that describes your personality
  5. How long is your hair?
  6. Do you like people?
  7. Are you likeable?
  8. Body shape?
  9. Single..or..Taken?
  10. Accesories

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Quiz topic: Am I ugly or fabulous