are you ugly, cute or smokin' hot; the real deal

Okay i know this has the same name as another quiz but that one was stupid and i feel it is my rsponsibility to give the truth so here is the quiz. Are you ugly, cute or smokin' hot. doesn't matter but it's nice to know right?

what are you? want to find out? but if you don;t want your feelings to get hurt don't take this quiz cuz it might hurt. and answer all the questions honestly cuz if you don't your cheating on yourself so don't even take the quiz. in 12 short questions you'll know if your ugly, cute or smokin' hot.

Created by: minty
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hair: What colour is it?
  2. Hair: If you have highlights are they:
  3. Hair: is yours...
  4. basic: how tall are you
  5. basic. how much do you weigh (in pounds)
  6. clothes: what do you usually wear?
  7. do you have glasses or braces?
  8. do you have freckles or zits usually?
  9. be honest. do you think you look the prettiest for your age?
  10. does anyone like you

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Quiz topic: Am I ugly, cute or smokin' hot; the real deal