are you tough or a sissy

I'll think of you every time I look at it (or use it). "¢ What an original present. "¢ Thank you for the beautiful card and a present on top of that! "¢ You shouldn't have. "¢ Thanks for not only taking the time to think of me, but to send (bring) a gift as well. "¢ Words cannot convey my gratitude. "¢ Your generosity overwhelms me. "¢ You can have no idea how much it means to me. "¢ However did you find this! "¢ It's stunning! "¢ It looks like one-of-a-kind. "¢ Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

I love it! "¢ You have such great taste. "¢ I could not have picked out a better insert item myself. "¢ It's perfect. "¢ It's exactly what I wanted.Just a little note of gratitude for the joy of knowing you. Sometimes I take it for granted, to have a friend so true.

Created by: madelyn knoppf

  1. if someone called you weak what do you do?
  2. are you a girl
  3. are you a boy
  4. have you ever eaten with your hands
  5. have you ever eaten with your hands
  6. do you play sports
  7. are you ''in'' with homework
  8. do you have any brothers
  9. do you have a lot of friends
  10. have you ever been ''pantsed''

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Quiz topic: Am I tough or a sissy