Are you too social?

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hello this quiz is if ur bored or if ya really wanna know if your crazy about media thats all i got sooo byeeeeee people of the boring, weird internet

ive got nothing else help this thing wont let me complete this "cool" quiz without 150 words please help me people of the boring weird internet help ahh

Created by: paris20112
  1. How often do you use social media?
  2. Can you be fine without talking to anyone for a day (except your parents)?
  3. Do you always post where you are?
  4. Where do you go after school ( if you go to school)
  5. If you go to the mall and you want to show all your friends where you are you would.....
  6. What do you do if someone texts you to post your outfit on Facebook during classes (school)?
  7. When do you post?
  8. What does social media mean to you?
  9. Are you posting every minute?
  10. Why do you post?

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Quiz topic: Am I too social?