Are you the Perfect Match For Chris Brown?

The reason I made this quiz was because I love Chris Brown, and I know a lot about him, and I wanted to see how many other girls new him as well as I do.

Are you Chris Brown's perfect match, do you think you know enough about him to take this quiz. Well go ahead and find out, Just take this quiz, and you'll see!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Tay-Tay

  1. What is Chris Brown'z middle name
  2. What is his Date of Birth (month/day/year)
  3. Where was he born?
  4. What R His 3 Hobbies?
  5. What TV Show did he Appear On?
  6. What is his Favorite Cartoon Character
  7. What Was the First song by Him that they Released on the Radio?
  8. What is His Nickname?
  9. What is His Mom's Name? (with her maiden name)
  10. What is His Dad's Name?

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Quiz topic: Am I the Perfect Match For Chris Brown?