Are You The Dark Or Light Sides Of Regina?

Are you the dark or light Regina? Find out as you take this quiz! Choose the answers, BUT REMEMBER. There are no right answers!!!! Really, just choose who you are.

Remember that this is only for fun, do not take it too offencee if you are Dark Regina or Light Regina. Being Dark Regina doesn't NESSISARLY mean your evil!

Created by: Mya

  1. Do you like the color red, or black better?
  2. If you were asked to go to a party by Maya, would you go, or stay with King Mercenare?
  3. Do you try to make disdains?
  4. If Maya was hanging off a cliff, would you save her, or laugh and run away?
  5. Would you make a disdain to rule Splendorious?
  6. Favorite emoticon?
  7. Favorite letter?
  8. Would you like a red piece of candy or a pink piece of candy?
  9. Would you rather: Play with Maya and the rest of the glitter force?Play with Ira?
  10. You did so good answering these questions! I would like to reward you with a flower! What flower would you like?

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Quiz topic: Am I The Dark Or Light Sides Of Regina?