are you super cool?find out NOW!

cool peopleare always out there some just don't show it some hide itand some just let it all out.If you are cool you aren't always popular.some kids enjoy hanging out at parties,some don't...........

But..........are YOU cool,are you mindlessly cool?are you the nerd at the back of the library or the partyrocker at the disco,what would your motto be?thanks to this quiz you'll find out shortly..........

Created by: jenna.
  1. do you like hanging out at parties?
  2. do you have many close frieds?
  3. are you a quiet person?
  4. how would you answer this question: wanna go out on a date?
  5. how would you answer this question? you're a nerd!
  6. what would you say in the middle of a fist fight?
  7. are you a nerd?
  8. are you liking my quiz?
  9. do you want to see my other quiz, which diary of a wimpy kid character are you?
  10. this quiz is at an end now my friend. See you later.

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Quiz topic: Am I super cool?find out NOW!