Are you sporty Or girly?

this quiz is for fun but to see what your PE teacher thinks of you.Sportyis the highest Girly the bottum.It doesnt matter what you get i was just really bored so I made this test.

PS this is my frst quiz it took forever.I made this on a weekend and had the best idea ever to make this quiz please share this quiz if you liked it and enjoy.

Created by: olivia

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  1. How do you reacte when your mum tells you to join a sports club?
  2. your brother is playing football and accidently hits you you...
  3. You are invited to the salon and go with your freind who enjoys it.
  4. pick a sport
  5. Favourite colour
  7. Choose a number
  8. fate?
  9. 18x29.63 NO CALCULATOR
  10. Rate this test
  11. Good bye

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Quiz topic: Am I sporty Or girly?