are you snape's daughter?

long ago as we know snape was friends with lily but in their graduating year 3 days before graduation severes expresses himself to her she says that she has loved him as well so they go into the room of requirement and have the best love they have ever had. 2 months later she falls in love with james potter

9 months later lily calls severes sounding very concerned from st. mungos and says that she had just given birth to a little girl. It was his. she had not even touched the child in fear of making an attachment to her,severes then aparated into st. mungo's hospital lily told severes that she had not told james. Severes raised her as her own.

Created by: slytherinprincess1995

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what house are you in?
  2. who is your mother?
  3. where do you live?
  4. what color is your hair?
  5. what color are your eyes?
  6. what color is your skin?
  7. what is your best subject?
  8. what do you call your father?
  9. What does Mr.Snape call you?
  10. do you love him?
  11. what is your name?
  12. are you bad with spells
  13. who are you engaged to?

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Quiz topic: Am I snape's daughter?