Are you smarter then a fourth grader

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This is a very educational quiz for young and old people. It tests your knowledge, gives you fair answer and helps you learn!!! It helps your brain you an much much more!!!

This can make you as smart as a fourth grader or know that no matter how old you are you might never be as smart as a fourth grader, either way this will tell you how smart you all in ten questions. Get ready, set, GO!!!!

Created by: bung bongo bang
  1. How do you add fractions?
  2. What was the term called for when the earth had only one continent?
  3. what are the first 10 numbers of pi math?
  4. How many times can light travel around the world in one blink of an eye?
  5. How many people are in the blue man group?
  6. If Albert Einstein was alive in 2023 how old would he be?
  7. Why is Easter a holiday?
  8. How old was Justin Bieber in 2013?
  9. Which one is correct?
  10. How old will you be?

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter then a fourth grader