Are you sexy and a pretty chick?**

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This quiz is to see if you are a chick. Also to see if you act like a chick too. I hope you like the quiz. Also if you do not get the score you like sorry. Good luck

If you do not like the quiz it’s ok. Also you don’t have to be a sexy chick just to date a cool nice looking guy. I hope you get the score you want . If you don’t I am sorry. And again good luck.

Created by: Bella and Edward

  1. Are you a male or female
  2. What’s your age
  3. What’s color is your hair
  4. Who should you date
  5. What name of a man or boy would you date
  6. What is your worst fear
  7. What do you ware
  8. What are you
  9. What do you do on your first date
  10. How many boys have you dated
  11. Are you popular
  12. What do you think you results will be

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Quiz topic: Am I sexy and a pretty chick?**