are you scene or just a poser?

What is scene? someone who is scene is alwas the center of attention and loves all things pink and purple, and who also takes a million pics of themselves a day... but theres more than just that.

Are you scene or just a poser? are you an ultimate scene queen that loves life and evrycolor of the rainbow? or are you someone who perfers to be by themselves? well heres a quiz so you can find out fer sure!

Created by: angel95
  1. quick pick a color...
  2. vanna venom or brookelle bones?
  3. are you shy?
  4. what color is your hair?
  5. your typical guy?
  6. how many friends do you have on myspace
  7. do you say wierd things like "time to shnuggle!" or "i love cuppycupcakes!!!"
  8. pick a band
  9. do you spend all day taking pictures of yourself?
  10. how do you wear your makeup
  11. where do you shop?

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Quiz topic: Am I scene or just a poser?