are you proxy material?

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This quiz is to see if you are proxy material. Will you fit in? Or will you escape fate?... Or maybe you don't wish to call it fate. You will have a better chance if you have creepypasta knowledge.

OK guys I'm being forced to write a second paragraph lmao. Let's just hope you survive your proxy s---. Will you die, become a proxy.. Or escape fate. Have fun ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Created by: Lucy Larkin
  1. Do you like slenderman.
  2. What's ur fav creepypasta
  3. What song suits you best
  4. Fav colour mohahahahah
  5. What do you wear
  6. Rp time: you r walking through a dark park at night alone and you hear footsteps behind you. You turn around and see 3 boys standing there but they aren't normal. You then recognise them . toby : HEHE HI THERE Masky : please shut up toby. You then black out as hoodie hits you in the head with a rock.
  7. You wake up in a dark room strapped to a metal thingy. What do you do.
  8. Slenderman walks in and says 'now, I'm just going to test you to become a proxy, you'll wake up soon, dear....' He then puts you to sleep . when you wake up whatever your test results say is what happens. Thanks for taking my quiz. ❤
  9. wait...
  10. Sorry, byeeee (^v^)❤❤

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Quiz topic: Am I proxy material?