Are you pretty or ugly(REALLY ACCURATE 100%)

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Theyre are alot of pretty people, Are you one of them? Take this quiz to figure out if you are or not! And if ur not please dontbe sad! Its the inner beauty thats really counts! I think ur pretty in ur way!

Are you pretty? Im sure u are? u just need to be kind! And i think ur really pretty the way u are! Stay urself even if u got '' Your hot!"cz i love u your pretty

Created by: CamiBeauty

  1. First off,what colour is ur hair?
  2. What is ur eye colour?
  3. How does your hair look like?
  4. Your face shape?
  5. What length is ur hair?
  6. Lips?( search in google )
  7. Body?
  8. Nose?
  9. Acne/Pimples?
  10. Eyes glasses?
  11. Make up( nearly there!)
  12. What do you think of urself?

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Quiz topic: Am I pretty or ugly(REALLY ACCURATE 100%)