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Many people think that they are popular, or that they are not. But do you really know? How do you truly know? Is popularity defined by friends, money, or what?

Are YOU popular? Or maybe have you always strived to be? You could be a wannabe. Maybe you're unpopular? Take my quiz and find out which of these you are.

Created by: kaylee of explore talent
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  1. First of all, which of the following do you consider yourself to be?
  2. Do you even care if you are popular or not?
  3. How do you define popularity?
  4. You have to have money to be popular: Agree or disagree?
  5. How many friends would you guess that you have?
  6. Do you think if you're popular you have to be mean to others?
  7. Where do you sit at lunch?
  8. Has being popular always been a dream of yours?
  9. Have you been answering these questions honestly?
  10. Did you answer that last question honestly?
  11. If you said yes when you should have said no that's not very honest :P
  12. In your group of friends, do you think you are the "leader"?
  13. If you do consider yourself popular, do you dislike anything about it?
  14. Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?
  15. Are you outgoing?

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Quiz topic: Am I POPULAR?