Are you popular?

There are always gonna be a popular at your school. Were you that popular? Were you bullied by that popular? Do you have alot of friends? Are you nice to others?

Are YOU a popular? Do you have the skills to be one? Are you nice to others? Do you have lots of friends? Are you in groups alot? Take this Quiz to find out and answer all the Questions!

Created by: Lexi
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  1. Do you have alot of friends?
  2. Are you nice to other people?
  3. Are you mean to others?
  4. Do you respect others?
  5. Do you have good grades?
  6. Do you think the people where you live are nice?
  7. Are you in groups alot?
  8. Do you love school?
  9. What's your favorite area at school you hang out at?
  10. Do you like having friends?

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Quiz topic: Am I popular?