Are you my type??? ( for boys and girls)

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Hello this quiz is too see if you are my type.Now i will break my key board cause for some reason i need to cover two paragraphs.It is starting in 3..2..1


Created by: Urhotmilfmom

  1. Are a sibling or only child or other???
  2. If you could what would our date be like??? ( i said could cause you could neva get me easy ;)
  3. What is your style??
  4. Whats your fav food??Out of these
  5. Fav animal???Out of these
  6. Choose one..dont think just choose
  7. Okay last question…are you in a realationship.?😖😖
  8. SIKE THIS AINT THE LAST QUESTION THIS ONE IS THO..question is..did you like this quiz ( wont effect yo answer)
  10. Okay so sorry but it said i need 10 questions so just choose a dot ( does not affect you score:)

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Quiz topic: Am I my type??? ( for boys and girls)