Are you more like Dua Lipa or Rihanna?

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Hello! You are going to take this quiz and find out who you are like more Dua Lipa or Rihanna. Hope you have a good time taking this quiz. I hope you are happy with your result!

You can go ahead and scroll down to start the quiz! Be sure to comment what you got please and thank you. I haven't made a quiz for a long time, so yeah.

Created by: ImNatalie
  1. Which color do you like more?
  2. Which song do you choose?
  3. Choose a male artist:
  4. Choose a K-pop group:
  5. Choose a model:
  6. Choose a female artist:
  7. Dogs or cats?
  8. Where would you go?
  9. Choose a flower:
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I more like Dua Lipa or Rihanna?