Are you more like Dahvie Vanity or Jayy Monroe

Have you ever wondered who you're more like out of the electronic pop band BOTDF? Are you the outgoing Dahvie Vanity of the Reserved mystical Jayy Monroe?

Take this quiz to find out! Accurate questions and answer will lead to the accurate final answer! So, who are you gonna be? Dahvie or Jayy?

Created by: Tom

  1. Do you believe in true love?
  2. You're getting tattoos done. What colour do you want them to be?
  3. When you're at a party you're:
  4. Your sexuality?
  5. Long hair or short hair?
  6. What's your element?
  7. If you were a vocalist for BOTDF, you'd be:
  8. Are you tall or short?
  9. Do you have highlights in your hair?
  10. Would you rather have tonnes of party friends or a just a few really close friends
  11. Your religion?

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Quiz topic: Am I more like Dahvie Vanity or Jayy Monroe