Are you more like Ara or KC?

Beautiful people of the world are always asking themselves a huge question.. are they more like facing kc or araneedsalife? Take this quiz to find out.

Im a huge fangirl of these two amazing smaller you tubers!!! Ive always wondered if I'm more like kc or ara so I used their collabs to figure out who I am!

Created by: Kate Lester
  1. How do you prefer your hair?
  2. Choose a superpower!
  3. Would you rather lose a sense or a limb?
  4. Who's your youtube Senpai???
  5. Do you prefer KC or Ara?
  6. Favorite pokemon?
  7. Where would you rather live?
  8. What is annoying about you?
  9. What are you doing if you're at Universal?
  10. Do you have an Instagram theme?

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Quiz topic: Am I more like Ara or KC?