Are you liked by others?

We ALL worry about what others think or feel about us right? The important thing here, is actually what you consider yourself to be and what YOU think of yourself. What you think you are is eventually what you will become.

Are you worried or concerned about whether others like you or not? this quiz offers a variety of questions that will help trigger the answer to your question, whether you are liked or not.

Created by: sha

  1. The guy/girl you have had your eye on for a while is at the same party you are at And they know you have a crush on them. DO YOU:
  2. How many friends do you have?
  3. Do you frequentely get asked out to social events and parties of any sort?
  4. When you approach a group of people and greet them(whether you know them or not) do they :
  5. How would you consider your personality type :
  6. Consider the way you dress( as this can attract and repel others) Your dress style is:
  7. What do you do for fun :
  8. Do yo take care of your personal hygiene :
  9. Your close relationships with others in general... how are they?
  10. AND... the most important question : Do YOU think others like you? "if you think others like or dont like you, you are probably right".

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Quiz topic: Am I liked by others?