Are you like me?!

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This quiz is about if some of you are like me. I’m doing this because I wish there were more people who understood me. But I’ll never know. I wish I could know because I don’t feel like being me around people. :( but remember, what ever score you get, someone will always be here for you

So if you see this symbol: * it means that there is no effect on the question. If you see this symbol: ^ it means there is effect on it. The questions might be kinda personal. This quiz is for 8+ now be truthful on this quiz and have fun!

Created by: Emotionlessdemon

  1. So I’ll ask basic questions, no stress here. Read the paragraphs at the top for more info about this quiz.(No effect on this question) *
  2. How creepy do you think you are? ^
  3. How many of your family members have passed? ^
  4. What type of food do you like? ^
  5. Do you get bullied?^
  6. The next few questions will be true or false about you, answer truly about yourself. Only you can see your score.*
  7. I love gacha life ^
  8. I love Animal Jam!^
  9. I love socializing ^
  10. Next questions are kinda personal ngl. Just a heads up and no more true or false *
  11. Are you boy or a girl? ^
  12. Are you LGBTQ+? ^
  13. How many friends do you have? ^
  14. Are you introverted or extroverted? ^
  15. Do you feel emotionless? ^
  16. What type of music do you like? ^
  17. Next questions will be random questions to make up the ones I used for no effect *
  18. Pick ANYTHING from these pets ^
  19. Pick ANYTHING from these toys ^
  20. Pick ANYTHING from these people ^
  21. Pick ANYTHING from these sayings^
  22. Last question, how did you find out about go to quiz? ^

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Quiz topic: Am I like me?!