Are you like me?

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Created by: The1ForU 2
  1. Opinion on sonic games
  2. Best wisp in sonic colors
  3. Enough of sonic, now time for me igWhat am I like?
  4. What do I like the most?
  5. Am I hot?
  6. Do I think that I am awesome and deserving of love
  7. Do I have friends?
  8. Am I lonely and shy?
  9. I think that I have a chance to be happy and out of myself and control my own destiny and live life?
  10. Am I good at liturature?
  11. Am I good at puzzles
  12. Am I persuasive?
  13. How many people want me dead?
  14. What is my real expected life expectancy
  15. Why am I The1ForU
  16. Am I loved?
  17. Does anyone in my life care?
  18. Am I secretive or not revealing?
  19. Do I have a girlfriend?
  20. Am I questioning life?
  21. Enough of that attitude, am I creative
  22. Am I a money person or relationship person?
  23. Am I cool?
  24. Am I loved?
  25. Is this a level up quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I like me?