Are you like Emma Waterwood? (Made up character)

If you wonder what people think about you or what you think about yourself than this is da quiz for you! Find out if your as sneaky as a cat or as innocent as a mouse!

Emma Waterwood is NOT a real person. She is a character I made up. I wanted her name to sound like she was from Hogwarts. She has a younger sister that can really get on her nerves and ya... Hope you like the quiz!

Created by: Waterwood

  1. Congrats! Your going to Hogwarts! How do you feel?
  2. Which animal best describes you?
  3. Your going shopping with your friends, what purse do you bring?
  4. What is your average breakfast?
  5. An airplane traveled 200km in 2hr. What is the airplanes speed?
  6. What Fantasy-Figure do you wish to be?
  7. Your friend tells you she hasn't read the hobbit yet. Your reaction?
  8. What is your hair like? (Just for fun)
  9. Who is your favorite vampire character?
  10. LAST QUESTION: do you want me to make more quizzes?

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Quiz topic: Am I like Emma Waterwood? (Made up character)