are you in love?

are you in love? loves is a very passionate emmosion, and many people have only cushes. wouldn't you like to find out if you are genuinly if love? haven't you ever wondered? find out with this quiz!

find out with this quiz if you should go for it or forget it. sometimes the decision is hard, but answers are here at last! don't forget that if you dont get what you like, you can take the quiz again for a different person. so many choices!

Created by: emma

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you talk to him or her often?
  2. are you hoping for a 'yes' result for the person in mind?
  3. do you adore making them laugh?
  4. if they told you they liked you, you would...
  5. are you too shy to ask them out?
  6. how would you describe how you act around them.
  7. if someone was bothering you, you would...
  8. last question. you think they like you back. you...
  9. sorry, i lied. this is the last question. do you like them?
  10. kdjfrnvuigfjgirjfi? or kdfkdfolenfienfi.

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Quiz topic: Am I in love?