are you in love

This is to tell you if you are in love or not but if you are not in love than you dont need to lisen to this so you just take it and it will tell you so be kid to this and tell me what you think about is it will ask you 10 or 12 questions and i m telling you this is going to be fun

DID you want to take this to find out if you are in love. take this quiz and you will find out if you are in love or not so have fun and take it no. this is not reall but just take it. it is about are you in love with him this is only for s and no one else or if you know than you can take it.

Created by: heather
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you wait till the boy you like calls
  2. if he does not call do you call him
  3. do you have a nick name for him
  4. do you talk to him alot
  5. do you have fun with him when you are together
  6. do you like his personality
  7. does he look into your eyes when he talks to you
  8. do you like when he holds you for a long time
  9. does he make you lol
  10. did you tell him i love you first

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Quiz topic: Am I in love