Are you Greek Roman or mortal

This quiz tells you if your more Roman or Greek or mortal but don’t take it to siriosly it’s just a quiz also I hope you have fun FYI if there’s extra puncuation it’s cuz I need mor caracters

I hope you have fun and like this quiz also try my other quizzes and post your results in the comments plz fyi I got Greek all the way!!!!! I’m happy with my result and I hope u r to

Created by: dyslexciADHD

  1. First of all which do u wanna b
  2. Which do u think is your opposit
  3. War games capture the flag or football
  4. Purple or orange
  5. Power or fun
  6. Camp half-blood or camp Jupiter
  7. Celestial bronze or imperial gold
  8. What do you think you’ll get
  9. Did you like this quiz
  10. Do you think you’ll like your result

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Quiz topic: Am I Greek Roman or mortal