Are you girly or boyish (girls only)

Girls come around lets take a quiz to see if you are a tomboy or a girly girl. but also lets remember the ones who died on June 12. they might not be peolle who you know but they are people just like us.

They had family just lime us. if you had a relitive, love one or someone that you knew who died that day i am truly sorry for you loss. if you live in Orlando, Florida i hope your city recovers from this devastating event that happened.

Created by: lazermazer

  1. Do you like the outdoors Majority of this quiz will be yes or no and truth or false
  2. do you love adventure
  3. true or false. do you have a lot of girly things (ex. makeup, boy band merch, etc.
  4. do you play any sports
  5. do you like clothes
  6. do you like to go shopping
  7. running
  8. true or false. do you have any pictures of your shelf working out
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Quiz topic: Am I girly or boyish (girls only)