Are you Geek,Freak,Dork, or Nerd?

Everybody is different. Like different Eyes, Hair, Mouth, Voice, Talent. But there is another thing that is different about everyone, It is if they are A Geek, Freak, Dork, or Nerd. Haven't you ever wondered which one you are?

Are you a Geek, Freak, Dork, or Nerd? Are you a tech whiz, weirdo, Clumsy one, or intelligent? Well, all you gotta do is answer these easy questions find out! Good luck!!!

Created by: GryffindorGirl
  1. Which of these subjects are you best at?
  2. Do you usually score high on all of your subjects?
  3. What mostly describes you?
  4. What mostly describes you?
  5. (Riddle)- Your in race, you past the person in second place, what place are you in ?( you have 5 seconds to answer and be honest with your answer)
  6. Is the previous question clear now? It is 2nd place
  7. If your friend's computer had some type of virus, and asked you to fix it, what do you say?
  8. Did you like this quiz?
  9. What do you think your result would be?(no effect)
  10. Will you comment?(no effect XD just wondering.)

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Quiz topic: Am I Geek,Freak,Dork, or Nerd?