Are you cut out for advertising?

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Have you ever watched a commercial and said "I can do better than that!" Did you won all the essay competitions and sketch awesome portraits? Do you think you are cut out for advertising?

You may be considering a career in advertising. But how do you know if this career is right for you? In this quiz, we have some really funny and serious questions that might give you a fair idea.

Created by: D3
  1. Have you ever watched a commercial and said:"I can do better than that!"
  2. Do you think you can feel like one with the crazy hammer-headed copywriters, graphic designers, creative directors, art directors, people with inflated egos?
  3. Do you enjoy pressure?
  4. Has your family ever said that you are so different you might have been misplaced in a hospital?
  5. Do you have a hard time telling your friends that you prefer movies to football / shopping?
  6. Do you crave for a routine?
  7. Do you look for recognition?
  8. How much did the story of the Spider on the Wall influence you?
  9. Do you think advertising is the most glamorous and the best profession in world?
  10. If not advertising, then what?

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Quiz topic: Am I cut out for advertising?