Are you childish?

"Childish ones require the presence of mind and whereby intelligence. After all, 2 much of playing and all is not that much good. be in a limit so that you reach the sky."

"Are you childish? This will tell you your behaviour, in short. And ofcourse you should look where you have done a mistake and find 4 d solution. Thank you"

Created by: Arshi
  1. Do you love to play some indoor games?
  2. Are you amoong the top five of your class?
  3. What is your hobby?
  4. Do you love to sleep whole day long?
  5. This does no affect but for instance do you think you are childish?
  6. Do you fear of monsters?
  7. Pick a colour.
  8. Within this week has someone shouted on you even though you were actually wrong. Be honest
  9. Do you love money?
  10. Last but not the least, Are you among those who try to cheat during exams

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Quiz topic: Am I childish?