Are you Bisexual??!

Have you ever Wanted to know if you are bisexual or not, well this is the Quiz. :)

This is a 10 Question quiz that will help you find out fer sure if you are straight or bi. XD

Created by: Anonymous
  1. (Guy) if you are walking in a mall, and you see a guy walk out of spencers. and you think he is kind of attractive What would you do??! :)
  2. (girl) if you are walking in a mall with you friends, and you see a girl walking to the food court. and you find her attractive What would you do?!
  3. (Guy) You are at a party with your friends, Playing truth or dare. You are dared to kiss a cute already bisexual guy, What would you do????!!
  4. (Girl) You are at your friend Heather's house, Watching a movie. And She leans over and asks you if you wan't to make out. What would you say??
  5. (Girl) Your Best friend from skool always gives you hugs, but lately she has been giving you long passionate hugs. You friend tells you she has a crush on you, What would you do??!
  6. (Guy) Your friend from skool always gives you man hugs lol,(Awesome!!XD) but lately he has been giving you long passionate hugs. later Your friend writes you a note and tells you he Thinks your hott, What would you do????!!
  7. (i have to have 10 questions to finish the quiz lol) (this will not effect the outcome result) What is your favorite Color???
  8. (Girl) What do you prefer???! XD
  9. (Guy) What do you prefer???! :)
  10. Did you Enjoy this Quiz??!!! XPP (this will not effect the outcome)

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Quiz topic: Am I Bisexual??!